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Pro Se Mediation

Date Posted: February 8, 2021 12:46 pm

Pro Se Mediation

Pro Se mediation assists individuals in Florida who decide to represent themselves in upcoming court proceedings without an attorney. A pro se mediator can help their client navigate unexpected pitfalls and mitigate the risks involved.

An Impartial Third Party

A pro se mediator is an impartial, objective party who does not provide counsel to any of the mediation individuals. Their role is to facilitate cooperation so that the individuals can arrive at a thoughtful resolution satisfying to both of them. A pro se mediator provides information that helps the individuals to make the choices that are best suited to their needs.

Mediators do not compensate for parties without counsel because it would compromise their impartiality if they did that. Mediators do not have any power to render a decision. They cannot force a person who is without representation to take a specific step, and they can never be biased towards any person during the discussions. Skilled pro se mediators know how to remain impartial while clarifying issues that confuse.

Discuss The Problems

Pro Se mediation allows people who are having a conflict to discuss their viewpoints in a safe and supportive environment. Someone who does not have assistance from an attorney can talk about their issues with a person they conflict with and decide about the issue. It is important to note that even if a South Florida pro se mediator is an attorney, they cannot confuse that with their role as a mediator.

During pro se mediation, the mediator will never tell you who is right or wrong or try to settle your dispute. The aim is to facilitate discussion so that you can resolve at least some of your concerns. If you both decide that is is best for you to avoid agreeing while talking about the issues, a mediator will never try to force you to go against your own choices.

Sometimes emotions are involved, which makes it difficult for both parties to talk about their problems. Mediators usually try to screen for such issues early. They will not conduct the mediation in cases where the process seems unlikely to benefit either party or may put someone at risk of injury. However, mediators do try to ease the way for cooperation and communication to take place. If you have a chance of reconciling with another individual, mediation can help you to get to that point.

Pro Se Mediation

Voluntary Settlement

Pro Se mediation helps the parties to reach a voluntary settlement. This settlement is developed by the individuals involved after they have assessed all the alternatives, and both made compromises to reach an agreement that works for both of them. Since they have both worked to develop that, they usually don’t require additional litigation or enforcement by an external party. If you cannot reach a voluntary settlement with a court-ordered mediation, you will have to return to court so the judge or jury can decide on your behalf.

Payment of Fees

Ms. Goade charges $300.00 per hour with a two-hour minimum, which shall be paid via credit card once the parties agree on a date and time for their mediation. Many parties to family matters have found it money well spent. 

If the mediation requires additional time, which many pro se litigants find worthwhile in order to bring a conclusion to their litigation, the time will be billed at $300 an hour in increments of 15 minutes. 


Your mediation will be held via Zoom teleconference. You may appear either on your phone or your computer.  Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with the Zoom process. Ms. Goade will send out an informational email detailing how to download and access your mediation conference.

Contact Ann Goade with any questions you may have.

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