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When unmarried parties have children, the paternity of the children must be determined in order for child support rulings to be carried out. In many cases, voluntary paternal acknowledgement through a signed paternity form by both parents is sufficient, but if one parent contests paternity, then a court order must be obtained to establish paternity.

Determining the paternity of a child is necessary for personal relationships between children and biological parents to be formed and also for establishment of financial support to care for the children. Ann Goade represents mothers and fathers in paternity cases of varying complexities, assisting with anything from DNA tests and child support to parenting plans and timesharing.

It is important for both the mother and the father to understand his/her rights and responsibilities vis-à-vis their children, including support obligations and timesharing schedules. This is why Ms. Goade strives to make sure that her clients know and understand how to protect their rights. She works one-on-one with clients to create strategies and solutions tailored to each client with the welfare of the children in mind. Some of the matters Ms. Goade can assist with include but are not limited to 

  • Determining paternity of children through DNA test arrangements
  • Creating or modifying parental plans and timesharing agreements
  • Establishing or modifying child support payments
  • Enforcing parental rights 
  • Working with the Department of Revenue
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