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Paternity Mediation

Date Posted: February 8, 2021 12:46 pm

Paternity Mediation

Co-parenting can be a challenging experience for some people. Unmarried parents can struggle to address all the necessary issues. One area of uncertainty is child support and timesharing.  This article is to address these issues within the confines of a paternity action. 

Paternity mediation can help you sort the critical areas of the arrangement. Ann Goade Family Mediator can help with the paternity mediation. We have over 35 years of experience helping thousands of unmarried parents sort out paternity issues.

How To Prepare for Paternity Mediation

You can address various issues via paternity mediation. You don’t have to go to court, which is an expensive and lengthy process. Mediation can help the parties reach acceptable compromises. They will be more likely to comply with the obligations in their agreement because they participated in drafting them.

Preparing for the mediation can ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are some steps to help you prepare for paternity mediation.

1. Consider Your Statement

Each party makes a statement on the issues to resolve and how they view the dispute as the mediation session starts. Be precise about your point of view to communicate to both the mediator and each other.

Remember, mediation is entirely confidential, and any information shared within the mediation process may not be used against either of you in court if the process fails. Nevertheless, always consult your lawyer, in the event you have one, to avoid divulging compromising details. For example, if paternity is contested, saying anything that addresses knowledge of paternity may be inappropriate in the event a paternity test is requested/required.

2. Prepare for Questions

The mediator can ask questions to get helpful information for the mediation process. These inquiries help the mediator get more insight into the case and identify potential problems and solutions. Be clear and precise with your answers, as they may make the mediator see things from a similar point of view.

Mediators don’t offer legal advice. Ensure your attorney, if you have one, is present through all the mediation sessions. The lawyer will answer your legal questions and review the documents you’ll sign.

3. Embrace the Process

Paternity mediation can offer satisfactory agreements for the parties, who may be able to find compromises to reach win-win conclusions. Be open to the mediation process to give it the best chance of being successful. You may also offer some concessions to build trust and work towards consensus.  This is part of a successful mediation process.

Your attorney can show you some mediation strategies. The mediator may use these approaches to facilitate the discussions. Be open to them and remember that only a signed agreement will resolve the dispute. You won’t lose by listening and being part of the process.

About Ann Goade

Ann Goade Family Mediator has over 35 years of experience offering paternity mediation services. Ann M. Goade, our founder, got certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a family law and dependency mediator in 1993.

Our paternity mediation services can help you. Paternity mediation strengthens your conflict resolution and communication. We also tailor the process for each family’s needs, increasing its likelihood of success. Successful paternity mediation can also save you money and time.

Contact Ann to discover more about our paternity mediation services.

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