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LGBTQ Families & Domestic Partnership

Date Posted: January 9, 2021 7:04 am

LGBTQ Families & Domestic Partnership

Ms. Goade applauds the Florida law allowing same-sex marriage. Just as with heterosexual couples, those marriages/relationships do not always last and need the same attention, kindness and compassion to achieve resolution on the same lines as set forth for marriages and relationships between a man and a woman.

Just as LGBTQ couples can now enjoy the right to marry, they also have the right to divorce. Divorcing same-sex couples must address the same types of matters as those faced by heterosexual couples, including alimony, equitable distribution, custody, and more.

Ms. Goade helps LGBTQ litigants through the unique challenges faced in same-sex divorce, helping to simplify the divorce process and relieve some of the stress it places on litigants.

Ms. Goade assists through their divorce proceedings and helps battle more complex legal concerns such as:

Ms. Goade also serves clients who are in domestic partnerships. Although these domestic partnerships do not carry the same legal weight or provide the same rights as marital unions, they do offer legal benefits to couples including family and bereavement leave, health insurance coverage for partners, and visitation rights in hospitals and jails. Domestic partnership couples are also entitled to enforceable agreements prepared by attorneys that stipulate the rights and responsibilities of each partner in the partnership. Such a domestic partnership agreement can cover issues such as property titles, commingling and separation of funds, and asset/liability division and partner support in the event of separation.

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